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Hi Everybody! Thanks for checking in!!


I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My  family will tell you that I  came out of the womb singing...literally!  Waaaaaaaay back in the 80's, I fronted the very popular New York City based all girls band "Scarlet Fever" and opened for such artists as David Johansen, Joe Perry, and others.  From there, I  branched out on my own, writing and performing my own tunes fronting the "Tracey Blue Band ", where I had the opportunity to work with and play along side some of the best musicians in the city.  That's where I met Mike (DiGiralamo)...who is playing with us now in Some Guys And A Broad.  In the 90"s, I got a call from Linda Marso who was looking for a front person for her band " Life on Mars".  After listening to some of her extraordinary music, I joined,  and together we created the CD "Life on Mars" Landing Soon. You can find this CD and these songs on itunes  (Life on Mars/ Landing Soon.  You can also purchase these songs on  CD baby, (, and  Many have likened the sound to "Heart" and "Fleetwood Mac".  This CD was reviewed by many publications around the world.  There are two reviews below.


 After knocking on a GAZILLION doors, and, oh yeah...did you catch me on " Star Search" '92??? ,  and after singing every club in the tri state area for many years, I took a break.  Now I have returned and am so excited to be part of the Hudson Valley music scene playing along side Pat, Steve, Robert, Larry, Mike and KC


It's so great to be singing again,  purely for the joy it brings me.


We look forward to seeing you all and thank you so much for all of your support!!!  :-)





Album Review by EDF

Do you remember the US group Heart from the 1980’s? Two rock chick sisters who were more or less famous for their big rock ballads. The 21st century now has an equivalent and I have to say that they look and sound a lot better than Heart ever did. These days there are not a lot of women who take to singing rock music anymore and it is a shame as the music market is just saturated by lame Dido wannabes. The sort of rock music that Life On Mars make is a nice change. Founder Linda Marso, a classically trained pianist along with lead vocalist Tracey Blue, who has the vocal cords of a goddess, together make the sort of grandiose music that Jim Steinman is famous for.

Due to this the songs do sound familiar to this reviewer and at times it is hard not to like what this group are doing. The songs are not the least bit cheesy as each one has their own charm. While the focus on Life On Mars are obviously the two women, the other musicians have had either some sort of musical training or have performed with other artists. As with most rock music, you can expect guitar solos to crop up at certain points of each song and thankfully these do not outstay their welcome. So there you have it – if big, dramatic rock ballads without the cheese is your sort of thing, you will enjoy Life On Mars.

Life on Mars :: Landing Soon

Mars Bars Records/Phenom Records Int'l

CD Review

By Dedicated Rocker Productions

'Landing Soon' the most recent release from LIFE ON MARS shows the musical versatility of the two ladies that power this rock solid combo. Vocalist Tracey Blue and Linda Marso on piano. These two talented (and drop dead gorgeous) ladies are capable of not only serving up groove laden rockers, but also the well-thought-out complexities of a good power ballad. With tracks such as the hypnotic seduction of "Anyway, the groove laden mover "In Over My Head" and the haunting "Things Were Fine". 'Landing Soon' is a CD that will have your undivided attention from start to finish. You just don't hear straight ahead rock music like this anymore. 'Landing Soon' is a great album and worthy of a listen by anyone who appreciates great songwriting, powerful vocals and great music in general. Whoever says women can't ROCK has never bothered listening to LIFE ON MARS. These girls can rock and there's no doubt about it. Life On Mar's sound is clean and crisp and every song rocks. I for one am looking forward to what Life On Mars come up with next.

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